Log line: A journey of love and self-discovery with magically gifted bush boy Jake through the 'mind fields' of false prophets and 21st century cultists.


The world's wackiest gurus and hot gospellers arrive in the big city determined to win The God of the Year contest!!  Magical young bush boy Jake unexpectedly finds himself an entrant, and caught between his love for the brilliant and beautiful Jaffa, and overturning the black psychic powers of the opposition forces, he emerges triumphant to win the contest .... and Jaffa's heart.


BIG TIN GODS is conceived as a glossy, fast moving comedy for the broader demographic, shot in widescreen and featuring an exciting and contemporary soundtrack. With dynamic and high key cinematography allied to vivid and imaginative art direction, costume and visual effects ... a cast of international romantic heroes and eccentric villains carry the audience through a series of mad adventures, to a feel good finale.