'The Q Station Experiment'


Executive Producers Bianca Biasi & Rebekah Biasi

Director/s Bianca Biasi & Blake Dubler

Concept by Bianca Biasi, Rebekah Biasi & Blake Dubler

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 A genuine medium, her daughter and spirit guide 'Heath' were brought to investigate one of the         most haunted locations in Australia.

 The Quarantine Station Sydney, Australia.

A group of paranormal enthusiasts, skeptics and thrill seekers were also present to witness the events that took place. 


There were over 572 deaths on site during the Quarantine Station's 150 years of operation from the 1830's - 1980's. Diseases such as smallpox and Spanish influenza caused many deaths and most casualties were buried in unmarked graves onsite.  Many visitors have since claimed to have experienced contact from some of the souls that met their untimely deaths by feeling cold sensations, seeing and feeling black shadows behind and around them, tapping sensations on their shoulders and other parts of their bodies and the feeling of hands around their necks.  

We chose to investigate two of the most active areas:

The Shower Blocks:

Immigrants were given acid showers on arrival to 'cleanse' them of any infectious skin diseases by burning off a layer of their skin.

The Morgue:

Used for the storage of human corpses awaiting identification, autopsy or disposal.

This is our journey in making contact with the residing spirits of the Quarantine Station and giving desperate souls the opportunity to tell us a glimpse of their story.

We contacted historian Kelly at The Quarantine Station to see if we could find out any information on a resident called 'Charlotte'

"Unfortunately records were not kept well during quarantine.  We have not found out who Charlotte may have been, however, given the amount of deaths over the past 150 years, Charlotte is bound to exist."

We intend to continue our investigation on 'Charlotte' in the hope that her story will be unveiled and her soul will finally rest.  

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Directed by
Bianca Biasi 
Blake Dubler 
Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Bianca Biasi 
Rebekah Biasi 
Blake Dubler 

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Produced by
Bianca Biasi....executive producer
Rebekah Biasi....executive producer
Blake Dubler....assistant producer
Sandra Millerchip....assistant producer
Film Editing by
Blake Dubler 
Josh Searle 

Bianca Desimone