The Womaniser

Written By Bianca Biasi & Rebekah Biasi

* Based on the novel of the same title.

The Womaniser By Bianca Biasi

Tag Line: The art of seducing women is not always left to men.


After a life changing revelation, Immaculate (Mac) sources help from a therapist to piece together the fragments of her past and discover her true voice.

A born rebel trapped within a patriarchal Italian family, 8 year old Mac’s passionate spirit gives grief to her overwhelmed mother (Angelina) and inspires violent rage in her domineering father (Sal).

Defying her Catholic parents (and indeed the family Priest), she initiates herself into her brothers’ boys club and blossoms into a womanizing seductress, even outdoing the boys, until she is re-united with Liana, her childhood sweetheart.

Liana, now grown into a beautiful Dutch goddess, is the epitome of the ‘perfect woman’ and when her boyfriend becomes violent Mac comes to the rescue. At the end of a long night they make love and it’s clear that Liana is Mac’s true love.

Storm clouds appear in paradise as Mac questions what it means to be in a meaningful, long term, gay relationship with someone who has only ever been straight. Foreseeing obstacles in Liana’s unwavering desire to have children, she begins to feel insecure as to what it is that she can actually offer her. Subsequently, when Liana’s friendship with a male acquaintance becomes suspicious, Mac’s attention is sidetracked by the allure of a beautiful and captivating woman; Angelique Anderson.

When her Visa expires, Liana finally decides to return back to Holland at the promise of Mac’s pursuit, but is stood up when Mac fails to arrive at the airport.

Mac is alone again with the knowledge that she has let go of the only person she has ever truly loved. She spirals into a self-destructive path of sex, alcohol and drugs, before a near overdose of ecstasy causes her to re-evaluate.

This re- evaluation leads Mac to a secret that will change her life forever.

Sexy and provocatively daring, hilarious, yet bittersweet; ‘The Womaniser’ is the epic tale of a young woman who fights her way to acceptance and love.